Berjaya Auto Philippines has always been active in CSR, and one of the continuing project is the Mazda Scholarship Program. This is with partnership with MFI, an institution that provides high standard in Technical courses, in line with this their Automotive course was selected by Berjaya Auto Philippines/Mazda Philippines to be the place in building foundations for future team members.

The Mazda Scholarship Program started in the school year of 2014 – 2016 where 20 juvenile were blessed to be part of the course. BAP had shouldered their school expenses and provided assistance for their daily expenditures. After 2 years of Studies and Hands on Trainings most of them are now employees of Mazda Dealerships

final na talaga

Batch 1 Scholars – Group Photo with BAP and MFI Executives


• Most of the Batch 1 Scholars were hired by the dealers as technician apprentices


Batch 2 Scholars – Group Photo with BAP and MFI Executives

The Second Batch of Scholars started their journey in their automotive course in the School year 2015 – 2016 with their exemplary performance in MFI during their First Year they are now deployed in the Metro Dealerships to finish their 1440 hours of Hands on training and be a candidate employee afterwards.


Batch 2 on their OJT

The Third Batch of Scholars is different with the first two batches, different in a way that this scholars are nominated by the provincial dealers.

Youngsters coming from the entire Philippine archipelago were given the chance to finish the two year course. Berjaya Auto Philippines will be recompensing the necessary things for their Studies, Tuition fee, Food, Dormitory/Housing and including Transportations are all covered.

After a year of academics they will be brought back to their respective Dealers (Provinces) and will have their OJT which afterwards be an aspirant employee.

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Batch 3 Classroom Education

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Batch 3 during their entrance examination and interview