Inspired expression of Mazda’s Soul of Motion design theme achieves a new level of refinement inside and out, in both design and performance.
The pure form of excitement zooms ahead!

Now available in SKYACTIV-D

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“The Mazda 6, on the other hand, does its best to simulate the analog driving experience. There’s an organic feel to your every interaction with the car, and while it ultimately finds itself more traction-limited on a challenging piece of road, it revels in that challenge in a way the Levorg can’t.” –

“C! RATING 10/10: Finally there is a non-European wagon that is invigorating to drive, handsome, incredibly fuel efficient, full-featured, and very characterful at an attainable price.” –

“But the Mazda6 has never been just for the everyday executive. It’s designed for the one who wants something different, who wants something special.” –

“Two years has gone by, and the Mazda6 remains the same lovely car you’ve grown to love.” –

“Sleek, scintillating, sexy, sturdy and safe.” – Yahoo News

“Mazda has come up with a sedan that is one of the most desirable on the market.” –

“It manages to reignite that notion of spirited driving.” –

“With the SkyActiv-D engine, the Mazda6 adds a touch of sensibility to this almost sports sedan but retains the fun to drive nature Mazdas have become known for. Guiltless performance in a handsome, practical package? This car offers it in spades.” –


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