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Inspired expression of Mazda’s Soul of Motion design theme achieves a new level of refinement inside and out, in both design and performance.

The pure form of excitement zooms ahead!

Now available in SKYACTIV-D

Learn more about new Mazda6 SKYACTIV:

Adaptive LED Headlamps (ALH)
Lane Keep Assist System

“C! RATING 10/10: Finally there is a non-European wagon that is invigorating to drive, handsome, incredibly fuel efficient, full-featured, and very characterful at an attainable price.” –
“But the Mazda6 has never been just for the everyday executive. It’s designed for the one who wants something different, who wants something special.” –
“Two years has gone by, and the Mazda6 remains the same lovely car you’ve grown to love.” –
“Sleek, scintillating, sexy, sturdy and safe.” – Yahoo News
“Mazda has come up with a sedan that is one of the most desirable on the market.” –
“It manages to reignite that notion of spirited driving.” –

360 Degree View & Color Variation

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